PM20 - Planetary Mixer - (New Features Introduced March 2019)

The Pantheon product range offers the right balance between quality and price, optimizing production capability and longevity. The leading principle of our PM20 Planetary Mixer design is safety, functionality and ease of use.

The Pantheon PM20's versatility makes it the essential machine in Schools, Bakeries, Pubs, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.

The range is completed with tabletop models the Pantheon 5 Litre Planetary Mixer (TM5)and Pantheon 7 litre Planetary Mixer (TM7). Floor standing models the Pantheon 10 litre  Planetary Mixer (PM10), the Pantheon 20 litre Planetary Mixer (PM20) and the Pantheon 30 litre Planetary Mixer (PM30) completes the range

The Pantheon PM20 Planetary Mixer has been re-designed to incorporate several key safety features including:

  • a new magnetic safety switch located at the rear of the bowl that prevents the machine running without the bowl in place
  • a new white ‘on’ button, black ‘off’ button and large, red ‘emergency off’ button designed to make controls clear to operators with colour blindness (1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women according to the latest figures from
  • secure locks to either side of the bowl to hold it firmly in position
  • a heavy stainless steel wire guard that locks securely into place
  • a motor safety switch with heat sensor that prevents operation due to overheating.

The Pantheon PM20 Planetary Mixer is supplied with a durable 1.5 mm, 20 litre stainless steel mixing bowl and 3 interchangeable utensils - a dough hook, a mixing paddle and a whisk, allowing the user to develop a wide variety of product range.


Dough Hook: allows the kneading of bread dough’s, cakes, pizzas, croissants, cookies, etc. 
Mixing paddle: allows the mixing creams, mash potatoes, sponge cakes etc.
Whisk: allows the beating of egg whites, whipped cream, meringues, mayonnaise, soft creams, etc. 

The Pantheon PM20 is ideal for: 

  • Mashed potato
  • Pie and pastry dough
  • Light batter for sponge cakes
  • Whipping cream
  • Roll dough (light-medium)

Key features:

  • 20 litre Stainless steel bowl
  • 3 speeds: 97, 220 and 316 rp.
  • Heavy duty all gear transmission
  • Magnetic safety switch
  • Universally comprehensive control buttons
  • Stainless steel safety guard
  • Fitted with reset switch to prevent accidentally overloads
  • Accessories: Dough Hook, Mixing Paddle, Whisk.
  • Dimensions: 500w x 600d x 780h (mm).
  • Weight: 107 kg.
  • Power: 13 amps – 1.1kW.
  • 1 year warranty. 
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