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When space is an issue

CO4 Oven

Pantheon’s newest oven, the CO4, is one of the most powerful and capacious in its class. With its 100 litre capacity and 4kW power rating, it delivers all the functionality of a larger oven within a very small, easy-to-site footprint making it the obvious choice for busy but space-challenged sites like bakeries, cafés and small restaurants. It’s also perfect as a dedicated baking oven within a large kitchen environment.

Pantheon Induction Hob Water Boiling Demonstration

When space is limited, chefs tend to design their menus around the core equipment they have but there are solutions. One incredibly useful item is the Pantheon Induction Hob. They can be sited anywhere – including front of house – as long as there’s an available power point –and, of course, they can be used for any type of cooking without generating unnecessary heat. They’re reliable, easy to keep clean and give you the means to try out different dishes on the menu without overwhelming the main cooking line.”


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