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Ceramic contact grills focus: part 1

What exactly is a ceramic contact grill?

Ceramic contact grills use ceramic glass that is not porous like the cast iron more commonly used meaning it will not absorb or transfer flavours. Glass also eliminates the smoke and smells associated with cast iron grills, making for a much more pleasant ambience – especially important when being used for front of house.


What are the main benefits of using them?

  • They can be used indoors – even in a relatively confined space.
  • They have smooth or ribbed tops – just like cast iron grills.
  • Heating up time is minimal – just 2 to 5 minutes – because as soon as the elements are hot, heat transference through the glass is instant.
  • Cooking time is fast.
  • The sheer speed of heat up and cooking reduces energy costs significantly.
  • Food doesn’t stick and surfaces can simply be wiped down between uses.


Where should they be sited?

The beauty of ceramic contact grills is that they can be sited on any available counter and simply plugged in. Also, they can be moved whenever required.


What type of food should they be used for?

Ceramic contact grills are perfect for paninis and sandwiches but are also ideal for cooking vegetables, meat and fish.