About Us

Through our sister company Monarch Catering Equipment, we spotted a gap in the market for simple-to-use, high quality, plug-in equipment and decided to explore it. All our kit is easy to use so is good for all sorts of operations. No extensive training is required – just plain common sense. We shy away from complex, digital controls and multi-programmable functions. Our equipment really does do what it says on the box! No frills, no complexity – but definitely quality!

Pantheon Catering Equipment aims to bring you a range of superior catering equipment at great prices. Our products combine quality design, durable construction, great features and economic operation and are backed up by great support to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

There is nothing gimmicky about our range and we don’t make claims about unique items. What does set us apart is our quality, attention to detail and empathy with our market. Caterers genuinely like our products – they’re reliable, easy to use, functional and durable. Everything we sell is highly specified and has undergone rigorous trials before we bring it to market.

Despite our competitive pricing, there is no compromise on the build. Our initial design process is lengthy and rigorous following which we run extensive trials of prototypes prior to commissioning. Then, throughout every stage of manufacturing, we carry out extensive quality control checks to ensure each product is 100% perfect.

All of our products are CE certified so you can be sure they provide the quality you demand.

You can find further information about our range can be found on the following links: Preparation Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Serving Equipment and Beverage Equipment. You can download manuals for each item in our range on the resources page.

If you are an end user and would like to be put in touch with an authorised distributor in your local area, please enter your details here.

Pantheon Catering Equipment is affiliated with CEDA and LACA and our products are listed in Caterquotes.

Satisfied Pantheon Customers

Here's a selection of testimonials from our recent customers.

  • Previously I worked at Gather and Gather as their development chef. In 2014 I won their highest accolade of the chef of the year, awarded for my professionalism and work ethic. That why, when I open my own business in 2016, I wanted equipment that was of a professional quality. Pantheon is such a brand I purchased a Pantheon BM1 Bain Marie. I have been so impressed with it that I entered a Pantheon completion to win a Contact grill and am now the proud owner of a CPG panini grill.

  • Owning a vegetarian restaurant, a machine that can slice and dice vegetables quickly is an invaluable tool. Our Pantheon VPM as proven to be such, repaying its cost back in saved time and labour a 1,000 fold. If we ever opened another restaurant, the Pantheon VPM would be the first thing on our list to purchase.

    Food For Thought 31 Neal Street, Covent Garden

  • We purchased from Pantheon a MS300 meat slicer. Despite the machine being in constant use, 5 days a week, not only have we never had the need to have it serviced but it has never failed on us once. Considering the age of the machine I just wanted to endorse how happy we are with its performance up until now, a true reflection of its build quality, and long may it continue.
    Thanks and regards,

    Arquati Bistro and Restaurant 417 Strand  Covent Garden, London

  • “I’d actually say that my Pantheon PM10 mixers are my go to items of equipment. They’re used all day, every day from mixing dough for our pizza bases and bread to blending lots of ‘hidden’ fresh vegetables into sauces to ensure the children at the schools we provide meals for are eating enough. We also produce a lot of low sugar desserts and, again, the mixers come into their own.”

    Aaron Walker, chef at Outfront Kitchens, Halifax

  • “When we decided to add gourmet pizzas to our repertoire, we got a Pantheon PO4+4 double pizza oven installed so we could add both standard sized pizzas and half-sized pizzettas to the menu. However, they proved so popular that we needed a second oven just a few months later. The two ovens have made a marked difference to the numbers of non-booked diners which have increased by about 25% and boosted revenue significantly. The pizzas have also encouraged many of our bar customers to order food.” 

    Jeremy Guest, Retreat, Bolton

  • “Prior to taking on The Cherry Tree, I’d worked in a number of kitchens and tried out a lot of kit – some good and some bad. I concluded that when I had my own place I would shop carefully to find the quality I wanted within the budget I had available. A good purchase is far more than simply the product itself – solid support, a good sales team, competent installation and ongoing advice are just as important. Pantheon provided all the plug-in equipment we needed to fulfil our menus easily and efficiently. These include a Convection Oven, Twin Fryer, Adjustable Salamander Grill, 20 Litre Planetary Mixer and a twin Bains Marie "

    Tom Taylor, The Cherry Tree, Blackrod