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Pantheon Induction Hob Water Boiling Demonstration

When space is limited, chefs tend to design their menus around the core equipment they have but there are solutions. One incredibly useful item is the Pantheon Induction Hob. They can be sited anywhere – including front of house – as long as there’s an available power point –and, of course, they can be used for any type of cooking without generating unnecessary heat. They’re reliable, easy to keep clean and give you the means to try out different dishes on the menu without overwhelming the main cooking line.”

The induction hobs’ portability has proven very useful for a number of Pantheon customers because they work both indoors and outside. We have Pantheon customers who regularly takes then to food festivals and farmers market because, as they put it “I can just pull it out of my back pocket and I’m ready to cook!”

Pantheon as two induction hobs – the IND340, the versatile, plug-in countertop model that is portable and will work where ever there is a 13 amp supply and the IND360 drop-in model.

The question we at pantheon get asked a lot is “How do induction cookers work compared to conventional equipment”? 

  • They use magnetic induction rather than thermal conduction, which is what is used by conventional equipment. 
  • An electric current passes through copper wire within the induction hob which produces a high-frequency electromagnetic field.
  • This reacts with the cooking pot and forms an electric current which generates heat through to the contents. 

Nothing outside the vessel is affected by the field—as soon as the vessel is removed from the element, or the element turned off, heat generation stops.  See our video on how easy they are to use.