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Pantheon has just launched a trio of sector-specific blade packs for its popular VPM Vegetable Preparation Machine to simplify the options for the various types of user whilst also bringing down the cost.


The plug-in VPM is exceptionally durable with an all metal hopper and base and will withstand continuous use across a wide variety of foods from nuts and hard fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, celery and apples, through to softer items like breads, cheeses and even chocolate, with perfect results every time.


Pantheon has identified the blades that are most commonly used by certain sectors and grouped them together. “We’ve spoken to our distributors and end users and are responding to their requirements,” explains sales director, Stuart Hayes. “It’s all too easy for chefs to buy blades that they’ll never use but our packs contain the essentials.”


  • The Starter Pack includes a 2mm slicer, a 4mm slicer and a 4mm grater
  • The Chefs Pack includes a 2mm slicer, a 4mm slicer, a 4x4 julienne cutter, a 4mm grater and a 7mm grater
  • The Education Pack includes a 2mm slicer, a 4mm slicer, a 10x10x10 dicer, a 10mm slicer, a 4x4 julienne cutter and a 7mm grater.


 To ensure operator safety, the VPM’s powerful, 500kW motor cuts out instantly when the machine is opened and, to provide additional stability, the unit comes with sturdy rubber feet that grip the countertop. The body of the machine is completely accessible for thorough and easy cleaning whilst the discs are dishwasher proof.


Dimensions are 235mm W x 490mm D x 480mm H.