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On this page you will find all the individual manuals for the Pantheon Equipment range. Just above the list is a file called "Pantheon Spares List" here you will find a file showing pictures and prices of the individual spare parts.

Product Manuals

AS450 - Adjustable Salamander Grill

AS600 - Adjustable Salamander Grill

BM1 Bains Marie

BMR2 Bains Marie with Round Pots

CCG1R - Single Ribbed Top Ceramic Contact Grill

CCG1S - Single Smooth Ceramic Contact Grill

CCG2R - Double Ribbed Top Ceramic Contact Grill

CCG2S - Double Smooth Ceramic Contact Grill

CGL1S - Extra Large Single Smooth Contact Grill

CGL1S/R - Extra Large Single "Half and Half" Contact Grill

CGL2R - Extra Large Double Ribbed Contact Grill

CGL2S - Extra Large Double Smooth Contact Grill

CGS1R - Single Ribbed Contact Grill

CGS1S - Single Smooth Contact Grill

CGS2R - Double Ribbed Contact Grill

CGS2S - Double Smooth Contact Grill

CO1 Convection Oven

CO3HD Heavy Duty Convection Oven - 3kW

CO4HD Heavy Duty Convection Oven

CP15 - Coffee Percolator

CPG - Chrome Contact Grill

CT1 - Conveyor Toaster

DR12 - 12" Dough Roller

DR16 - 16" Dough Roller

HC1 Heated Cupboard

HC2 Double Heated Cupboard

HD1 Heated Display

HDC1 Standard Capacity Display Cabinet

HDC2 Medium Capacity Heated Display Cabinet

HDC3 High Capacity Heated Display Cabinet

HLD2 Heated Lamp Display

IND340 - Induction Unit

IND360 - Induction Unit

MB20 - Water Boiler

MB30 - Water Boiler

MS250 - Meat Slicer

MS300 - Meat Slicer

PF111 Single 11 Litre Fryer

PF112 Double 2 x 11 Litre Fryer

PF61 Single 6 Litre Fryer

PF62 Double 2 x 6 Litre Fryer

PFT81 Single Basket 8 Litre Fryer with Tap

PFT82 Double Basket Fryer with Tap

PL1 Heated Plate Dispenser

PM10 - Planetary Mixer

PM20 - Planetary Mixer

PM30 - Planetary Mixer

PO4 Single Deck Pizza Oven

PO4+4 Double Deck Pizza Oven

SG630 - Salamander Grill

SM20 - Spiral Mixer

SM30 - Spiral Mixer

SVP400 - Floor Standing Vac Pack Machine

SVP500 - Floor Standing Vac Pack Machine

TM5 - Tabletop Mixer

TM7 - Tabletop Mixer

TVP400 - Table Top Vac Pack Machine

VPM - Veg Prep Machine