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On this page you will find all the individual manuals for the Pantheon Equipment range.

Product Manuals

AS450 - Adjustable Salamander Grill

AS600 - Adjustable Salamander Grill

BMR2 Bains Marie with Round Pots

CCG1R - Single Ribbed Top Ceramic Contact Grill

CCG1S - Single Smooth Ceramic Contact Grill

CCG2R - Double Ribbed Top Ceramic Contact Grill

CCG2S - Double Smooth Ceramic Contact Grill

CGL1S - Extra Large Single Smooth Contact Grill

CGL1S/R - Extra Large Single "Half and Half" Contact Grill

CGL2R - Extra Large Double Ribbed Contact Grill

CGL2S - Extra Large Double Smooth Contact Grill

CGS1R - Single Ribbed Contact Grill

CGS1S - Single Smooth Contact Grill

CGS2R - Double Ribbed Contact Grill

CGS2S - Double Smooth Contact Grill

CO3HD Heavy Duty Convection Oven - 3kW

CO4HD Heavy Duty Convection Oven

CP15 - Coffee Percolator

CPG - Chrome Contact Grill

CT1 - Conveyor Toaster

DR12 - 12" Dough Roller

DR16 - 16" Dough Roller

HC2 Double Heated Cupboard

HDC1 Standard Capacity Display Cabinet

HDC2 Medium Capacity Heated Display Cabinet

HDC3 High Capacity Heated Display Cabinet

HLD2 Heated Lamp Display

IND340 - Induction Unit

IND360 - Induction Unit

MB20 - Water Boiler

MB30 - Water Boiler

MPD1 Mobile Heated Plate Dispenser

MPD2 Mobile Plate Dispenser

MS250 - Meat Slicer

MS300 - Meat Slicer

MS350 - Meat Slicer

PF111 Single 11 Litre Fryer

PF112 Double 2 x 11 Litre Fryer

PF61 Single 6 Litre Fryer

PF62 Double 2 x 6 Litre Fryer

PFT81 Single Basket 8 Litre Fryer with Tap

PFT82 Double Basket Fryer with Tap

PL1 Heated Plate Dispenser

PO4 Single Deck Pizza Oven

PO4+4 Double Deck Pizza Oven

SG630 - Salamander Grill

SV1 - Sous Vide Water Bath

SV2 - Sous Vide Water Bath

SVP400 - Floor Standing Vac Pack Machine

SVP500 - Floor Standing Vac Pack Machine

TVP400 - Table Top Vac Pack Machine

TVP500 - Table Top Vac Pack Machine

VPM - Veg Prep Machine